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‘art in the periphery’ workshop – 27 February 2015

lotus_lobo2The ‘art in the periphery’ workshop is resuming its activities after a winter hiatus. The next lecture will be delivered by Giulia Lamoni, postdoctoral researcher at the Instituto de História da Arte (FCSH/UNL) since 2010. A specialist on feminist art and questions regarding the relationship of image/text, as well as the transnational and the global, Giulia Lamoni has studied at Trinity College and Universite de Paris IV (Paris-Sorbonne), and published articles in N.Paradoxa, as well as contributed texts in edited volumes and exhibition catalogues. The subject of her February lecture will revisit the question of “pop” art in Brazil (see abstract below).

The workshop will take place on February 27, at 17h45, at the Faculdade das Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (I&D building, room Multiusos 2, floor 4).

“Pop”/pops/popular? Exploring “pop” art in Brazil, by Giulia Lamoni

In Brazil, the period that followed the 1964 military coup, was characterized by a heterogeneous artistic effervescence. Experimentation was often associated with the articulation of positions of resistance and with attempts of expanding or creating new relations between art and spectatorship. In this context, exhibitions such as Opinião 65, held in 1965 at the Museum of Modern art of Rio de Janeiro, marked the affirmation, among a young generation of artists, of “new realist” currents, critically informed by Pop, European figurative tendencies but also by the vanguard experience of Brazilian concrete art and neo-concretism.

This presentation will explore the very diverse range of these practices – and their attempt to negotiate with hegemonic cultural models – while discussing the possibilities and difficulties of envisioning “pop”, as recently proposed by curator Jessica Morgan, as a global phenomenon (Artforum, February 2013).


organized by Foteini Vlachou – ‘art in the periphery’ (Instituto de História da Arte, FCSH/UNL)