‘art in the periphery’ workshop – call for submissions


Drawing from a mandinga pouch, Lisbon Inquisition, 1731, Processo 11774, ANTT

The ‘art in the periphery’ research network will resume its activities for the academic year 2016/2017, inviting submissions for its yearly workshop (October-May), with meetings scheduled to take place at the beginning of each month. Each hour-and-a-half session, held at the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), will feature a 45 min presentation, followed by a debate.

The October seminar will be delivered by Nuno Senos, the newly appointed assistant professor of early modern art history at the Department of Art History (FCSH/NOVA). His talk is entitled “Local Dynamics in a Global Context: Franciscans in Colonial Brazil”. The November seminar will further develop with a focus on Brazil. Arthur Valle, who teaches art history at the Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, will discuss “Afro-Brazilian Art and Material Culture: Persecution, Incarceration, Iconoclasm” (exact dates to be confirmed).

The network is interested in framing the periphery not in exclusively geographical terms (as a region distinct from the center), but rather as situated at the margins of dominant discourses, art historical or otherwise. As such, it may refer to areas, periods or even materials that have been delegated a secondary position in hierarchical and canonical structures. Contributions that discuss the non-linearity of cultural phenomena and of historical time, the temporal dimensions of the periphery, and propose a radical rethinking of the term will be particularly welcome.

The workshop therefore invites submissions for the remainder of the academic year (sessions of December, February, March, April and May). Proposals (appr. 500 words), together with a short CV, should be sent to nandia.vlachou[at]gmail.com until September 25. 


Organized by Foteini Vlachou, postdoctoral fellow at the Instituto de História Contemporânea, FCSH-UNL / Researcher, IHA, FCSH-UNL