‘art in the periphery’ workshop – 30 July 2014


PARIS PITORESCO: O Mercado das flores. Drawing by R. Amoedo, print published in: A Ilustração, August 5, 1884, p. 41.

The ‘art in the periphery‘ research cluster, that integrates the Museum Studies research group (thematic line “Exhibition: Theories and Practices”) will launch its 2014-2015 workshop on Wednesday, July 30, at 18.00 at the I&D building (room 1.05, floor 1). Open to the public, as well as the researchers of the IHA and other units of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, the workshop, coordinated and organized by Foteini Vlachou, is an opportunity for the cluster’s members to convene regularly and share their research. The objective is to stimulate debate surrounding the greater themes embraced by the cluster (centers and peripheries, global history of art, the function of the canon etc.) and encourage the application of relevant theories and methodologies to the diverse chronological and geographical areas where the ‘art in the periphery’ members work.

The workshop will be inaugurated with the participation of Arthur Valle, who teaches art history at the Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro and has been a postdoctoral fellow at the IHA for the past year. He is going to discuss the Portuguese periodical A Ilustração, published in Paris by Mariano Pina, focusing on the notions of center and canon implicit in the texts and images of the publication, as well as on the part it played in the consolidation of networks of sociability among Portuguese and Brazilian artists at the end of the nineteenth century. Arthur Valle will also present a brief overview of the ways Brazilian historiography of art has responded so far to the concepts of centers and peripheries, the possibility of a global history of art etc.

The workshop format will follow the model: lecture-debate. From September onwards, the workshop will take place the last Friday of each month, and the complete program of the sessions held will be announced later this year.


organized by Foteini Vlachou – ‘art in the periphery’ (Instituto de História da Arte, FCSH/UNL)